A Rapist Arrested In Nilphamari

Md. Sadikur Rahman Shah Scholar, 

Rangpur Bureau:

The Police Have Arrested The Rapist Rakib Islam (21) For Forcibly Raping a Disabled Girl On Her Way Back From Waj Mahfil At Domar In Nilphamari. The Police Arrested Him From His Home in Kumrabari Danga Area Of ​​Sonarai Union Of The Upazila Early On Friday (January 27). He Is The Son Of Dulal Hossain Of That Area.

According To Domar Police Station And The Victim's Family, The Disabled Girl Was Returning Home From A Function Of Sonara Union At Approximately 10:30 On The Night Of December 19 Last Year. On The Way, The Rapist Rakib Forcibly Rapes Her. The Disabled Girl Did Not Reveal The Matter For Fear Of Public Embarrassment, But The Girl's Mother Suspected Her Behavior. Later He Revealed The Incident Of Forced Rape To His Mother.

Confirming The Truth Of The Incident, The Officer In Charge Of Domar Police Dtation, Mahmud Un Nabi, Said That A Case Was Registered When The Girl's Parents And The Girl's Daughter Came To The Domar Police Station And Reported The Rape. Case No-11(01) 23. According To The Instructions Of The District Superintendent Of Police, An Immediate Operation Was Conducted And The Rapist Rakib Was Arrested.

Mahmud Un Nabi Said That Rakib Confessed To The Rape During The Initial Interrogation. Medical Xamination Of The Victim, Referral Of The Accused To The Learned Court Snd Other Legal Matters Are Pending.

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